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    Kolixin owns more than 80 sets of world-advanced and automatic production mechanical equipment and testing equipment, valuing RMB tens of millions, and it has laboratories and product testing centers to monitor raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. The company now has 10 manufacturing shops (ball milling, plates casting, metal processing, plate coating, tube casting, chemical synthesis, grinding, assembling, charging, and products finishing) with the annual production of electrode plates reaching to more than 12,000,000 sets and 5,000,000 batteries.

    The stability of electrode plate’s quality is of great importance. To guarantee the stability of products’ quality, firstly Kolixin carefully analyzes and controls raw materials, and then realizes scientification, systematization and automation in engineering management. It insists to manufacture outstanding products with advanced equipment, and to guarantee the high-quality of products with complete process management. It uses imported spectrograph to analyze elements of raw materials so as to guarantee the purity and accuracy of products at the source. Full-automatic pulverizer, full-automatic plate parting machine, drying room with full-automatic temperature and moisture controlling, and full-automatic cast-on machine can not only improve the production efficiency, but also dramatically decrease errors due to artificial operation, thereby promoting quality control and ensuring the uniformity and stability of finished products.

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