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Talent Concept

·“People orientation” is not an empty phrase here·

Kolixin believes that talents are the footstone for enterprises’ survival and development. As a professional battery manufacturer, Kolixin knows the importance of talents and that talents are main treasure of enterprises. To create enterprises’ value, they should first make human value the most important assets of enterprises. Thus, Kanglixin adheres to the principles of “using talents by following no set form” and “using talents to the greatest extent”, advocates the thought of “people first”, and provides employees with a big platform where they can fully exert their abilities and wisdom. Kolixin believes that employees can always find their own positions to fully display their talents, and work together to create a better future in an ideal working environment.

·Talent strategy: create a reasonable employment mechanism to rally talents·

 The management takes the story of “one chopstick and ten chopsticks” as the educational background, letting each employee establish a right sense of responsibility, i.e. making processes hand in hand.

The company has formed a favorable enterprise culture of respecting people and work, making progresses together, and respecting knowledge and talents. in addition, it has become a highland where talents gather based on its special talent recruitment strategy, broad career development space, favorable growth environment for talents, effective incentive mechanism and the enterprise culture concept of people orientation.

·Realize the unprecedented cohesive force through the three ways of retaining talents·

Create a favorable platform and development space for talents: retain talents relying on the enterprise;

Implement various distribution strategies in “special zones” within the enterprise: retain talents relying on pays;

Create a good working environment and consolidate the appetency and cohesive force within the enterprise continuously: retain talents relying on its solidarity.

The three ways of retaining talents are the core positioning of the enterprise’s work of human resource management. In recruiting talents, Kolixin adheres to justice, fairness and opening, and it has established a scientific human resource management system, allowing everyone with high capability and entrepreneur spirit to play their own capabilities and realize their aspirations in Jiangsu Kolixin Battery Co., Ltd.

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